1. evil_shorty's Avatar
    i just jailbroke my phone for the second time after a restore and when i finished jailbreaking i put in my o2 payg sim card and then turned my phone off then when i switched it back on everythong loaded up as usual but then a message popped up and said "iPhone is activated" why did this happen only this time and not before
    2008-01-10 02:05 AM
  2. matiofatio's Avatar
    did you unlock it previously or no cause if you didn't thats weird
    2008-01-10 03:27 AM
  3. evil_shorty's Avatar
    It is a 1.1.2 uk OTB week 43 iPhone, i recently used the 1.1.2 jailbreak (downgrade/upgrade method) then i needed to restore so restored and then used the same method but this time when i turned the iPhone off and then turned it on later it loaded up and then the message popped up saying "iPhone is activated". I also thought this was weird because it has never been mentioned on this site or any other site.
    2008-01-10 09:18 PM
  4. rdawodu's Avatar
    It's not wierd. It just means ur iPhone was activated thru itunes, Only people who have Legit iPhone plans get this message, the reason you dont here about it on forums is because most people dont have the iPhone data plan and are only interested in unlocking it.

    What this also means for you is that the sim card currently in ur iPhone is the only one that would work with ur iPhone unless you HACKTIVATE it using the *#307# method.

    2008-01-10 09:27 PM
  5. evil_shorty's Avatar
    No, that is what i am saying i did use the *#307# method so that i could use a o2 PAYG sim card so obviously i did not sign up to the 18 month contract. Thats why i am saying its weird!
    2008-01-10 09:38 PM
  6. riftweaver's Avatar
    I saw the same message once on my iPhone hacktivation also... I thought it was strange, because I've restored my phone a few times, and only saw that message once. AT&T's website seems to think I'm an iPhone user, although my plan is unchanged.

    If this phone is locked to my sim, or I end up on contract, I'll be annoyed. (I'm currently a monthly user, not on a contract forever.)
    2008-01-10 11:42 PM