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  1. therobman's Avatar
    hey i have a 1.1.4 8gb iphone i had it modded before but my friend with t-mobile wants to buy it. so i resotred it to 1.1.4 jailbroke it with iliberty+ added bsd subsystems, installer, actavite 1.1.4,app support patch 1.1.4,downgrade bootloader,and unlock 0.3.-14 and so on. on the main screen i clicked jailbreak,activate,unlock and downgrade bootloader. now it has installer on it and when i open it, it says refreshing sources and goes half way and stops it doesnt freeze cause when i click the home buttom it goes to the home screen. my 1st question is y wont installer refresh all the way and how can i tell its unlocked besides throwing his t-mobile sim card in it. and if its unlocked correctly will i just be able to take his sim card put it in the phone and he can call and everything?
    2008-07-23 05:53 PM
  2. Poseidon79's Avatar
    You can't tell a phone is unlocked without testing a different SIM in it. As far as installer goes... you're refreshing on wi-fi right? The first time I refresh sources it can take a couple minutes... just let it go.
    2008-07-23 05:57 PM
  3. therobman's Avatar
    k thanks the installer refreshed and ill see about the sim so all i have to do if its unlocked correctly is put a t mobile sim card in it as if i were putting my own in and it should just work get service and make calls right?
    2008-07-23 07:30 PM