1. arem's Avatar
    I've got a regular iPhone (stock 4.6BL, never ziphone'd) running 2.0 with no JB, I'm going to pwn it, but want to ask about bootneuter first.
    Is there any reason to even mess with it if I'm a legit ATT iPhone user?
    I only want to jailbreak 2.0, not unlock...so do I need to bootneuter?
    And if so, what settings am I looking at to make my phone work right?
    2008-07-24 06:45 AM
  2. kcrmson's Avatar
    No need to unlock/bootneuter if you're legit (AT&T customer registered as an iPhone). Either use the simple mode jailbreak only or customize it via the expert mode.
    I came, I saw, I forgot what the hell I was there for.
    2008-07-24 07:03 AM