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    Advice for others wanting a Legit Unlocked Iphone

    Spent a stash of money getting an Iphone in France paid 75 euros for the desimblockage "unlocking"

    Waited 9 days connected IPhone to PC unable to unlock ?

    Inserted a different Non Approved SIM card and restored the IPhone

    After the Iphone restored the screen congratulated me for Unlocking Iphone

    However the golden nugget is when you attempt to stick a different operators SIM card the Iphone Locks up and doesn't allow you to select a network(Similiar behaviour when you attempt to use a non approved SIM into a locked IPhone)

    This means that Apple wants you to restore your Iphone and Activate when you would like to use a different Service Providers SIM

    What a Rip Off!
    2008-01-20 10:03 PM