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    I have a 1.1.2 OOTB and have downgraded and upgraded back and am just waiting to receive my turbosim/stealthsim and had a couple of questions. The turbosim I will be getting is suppose to be programmed and with that being said, how should I prepare my phone prior to installing with my sim card? I know that they say to install iworld but I've also seen more complicated instructions and I just want to clarify prior to me installing the turbosim when I get it. My phone is ready now for the turbosim and I want to make sure that I do this right even up to the part where I've read that we need to install turbosim with att sim first and then take it out and reinstall with my rogers sim card. Just want to make sure. Thanks alot for everyone's help.
    2008-01-22 10:29 PM
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    You really don;t need to do anything to your phone (you said its already jailbroken) unless you are outside the US. If you are, just install iWorld and run it. it's very easy, basically just pick the country you are in (the country the sim is from which you will be using). It should be fine to prep the phone with this, but you MAY have to run it again with your sim/stealthsim installed if you are still getting no service. Some people have had issues like that, some have not.

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    You don't need to install stealthsim with your ATT card. Just take your rogers card and install with stealthsim once you get it. I also recommend some doublestick tape so the card doesn't wiggle in there. I had issues with a card like this and as soon as I used tape I have had no issues (been 3 weeks without a hitch).
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    2008-01-22 10:49 PM
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    Thanks alot.....that's exactly what I assumed and just needed to be reassured. Thanks again.
    2008-01-22 11:28 PM