1. rx7turbo287's Avatar
    well, my experince with turbo sim (plus), work awesome, only problem with it, is edge, i notice it'll work great untill wifi take over, then edge kinda go away after u leaving wifi area, come back on after reboot. there's a rumor i heard that tmobile planed to have a european band in US for 3g. it may work with our 3g, but just a rumor not sure yet. but i would just get the sim u heard the most. iphone dev team state they got into core system on iphone, it's matter of time, they'll have unlock release for 3g(software).
    2008-11-13 06:43 AM
  2. jsjb100's Avatar
    I just got back from a 2 week trip to Singapore. There, I used a hypersim card in my iphone...pay as you go card from starhub. Worked like a charm. Steps used:

    1. Turn off 3G
    2. Turn off iphone
    3. Remove AT&T sim card
    4. Place starhub card attached to hypersim card (2 sided tape) into sim slot and insert.
    5. Turn on iphone...will have one bar with no "phone service ID".
    6. make a call locally...when you see "call failed", hit cancel
    7. Service will come up, Phone service logo and bars will appear.

    I rarely lost the signal, when I did, had to do a cold reboot of the phone and voila...there it was.

    Could not get edge or 3G service as pay as you go plan doesn't allow this. In SG, you need to have more than a tourist visa to get such internet access.

    I would recommend the Hypesim card, have used it with US t-mobile service also
    2008-11-13 11:56 PM
  3. JaysonFoley's Avatar
    same here michelle, i use the gevey 3g sim and it works fine, just have to reset the edge once in awhile by putting the sim in my wife's G1
    2009-04-04 01:51 AM
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