1. lilpennyjr's Avatar
    I recently had an Iphone running on firmware 1.1.4 unlocked and jailbroken my brother accidentally did a update and it locked my phone on the latest firmware im guessing firmware 2.0.1 i tried to do a downgrade to firmware 2.0 but when the downgrade was complete i wasnt promted with the backup file option.... anyone got any suggestions on which firmware method im currently running and wwhich unlock/jailbreaking software would be most helpful.
    2008-08-11 04:05 PM
  2. hiflyer's Avatar
    If you are using a MAC use the pwnage tool 2.02 or if you are using windows use winpwn.

    There are guides for both on this forum just look at the top of the page and select guides.

    Good luck!
    2008-08-11 04:12 PM