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    I am with Rogers Wireless in Canada. I bought a Nextsim China3Gpp off ebay to enable me to use my 1.1.2 ootb. The Nextsim worked perfectly for the first week, then I got intermitant SMS sending failure. Finally a few days later it stopped sending. Symptoms were:
    • Error sending message
    • Signal bars all drop
    • No Service shows up
    • No Sim sometimes showed up
    • Switching my sim to another phone worked on that phone
    • Switching back didnt help on the iphone

    Here is what I tried. Realigning the sim and nextsim, taking sim out an back again, deleting the sms.db file in case it was corrupt, other stuff. None of it worked.
    It's the sim card itself. Replace it. I dont know if the sim version was incompatible, or if the nextsim did something to the sim card that screwed it up. However, my older version sim was lost so I bought a new red colored sim from Rogers and used it when I got my nextsim. Tired of trying to get the sms working, I took the old card (which I recently found again), and had Rogers activate it. Works perfect now, sms sending restored. Am now using the older white Rogers sim.

    ALSO, I thought nextsim was only for use with one sim. However, I tried it with my wife's sim card and my old one. It made the two others work to, so you can mate it up with whatever sim it looks like! If you need a new sim card to fix the problem, dont worry , it will work on your new sim. No need to buy a new nextsim.
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    2008-02-02 05:55 AM
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    Turns out that it worked great for a day and a half. Then I had the same sms error occur and it's still like that. Sorry for the false alarm on a decent fix, but I'll leave the posting on here so people with the same problem can read it. Maybe it will help someone.
    2008-02-06 04:45 AM