1. toml0006's Avatar
    I got an iPhone for Christmas and immediately jailbroke it (1.1.2). I was still under contract with my current carrier and finally got out today. Is there a way to sign up for AT&T and transfer my number with a jailbroken iPhone, or do I have to restore - sign up - jailbreak?
    2008-02-07 06:45 PM
  2. xfsasx's Avatar
    you would have to do a restore only because you have to go through itunes and set up the iphone as a "new phone" then follow the steps in itunes there is an option to switch number from other carriers but i think it takes a little longer... not sure but to answer your question you will have to re jailbreak the phone
    2008-02-07 06:58 PM
  3. toml0006's Avatar
    Cool, thanks
    2008-02-11 05:14 PM