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    For anyone who has inserted one of these so called 'unlock' sim cards and now cannot get the tray out, this might prevent you destroying your toy!
    I posted this in another thread but it is well hidden. If worked for me, thankfully! Evidence of iphones it has not worked for can be found on Fleabay in bits...

    Guys, for stuck SIM trays DO NOT try to force the open mechanism with the tool, the eject part inside is fragile and IT WILL break. Be patient. Find yourself something slimmer than a paperclip, like a sewing needle. Use pliers to bend the end of it so it is bent at about 30degs. You only want to bend about 2mm max length. Put this into the hole/tray opener but do not push too far, you are not trying to push the mechanism. With the angled bit towards the middle of the iphone, gently prise the tray out. It might take a couple of attempts to 'catch' the edge of the hole/tray, but it will save the mechanism being damaged. If you make the hole larger doing this, get a new tray if it bothers you, but at least you will have it freed without opening the case and believe me, opening the case is not easy.
    2008-08-23 04:02 PM