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    So my phone is OTb 1.1.1 Baseband 3.9 (updated to 1.1.3)

    its kinda late now Ill post the info how i did it. but to the people that got stuck on the last step with anysim 1.3

    go to installer click on sources then click refresh then go to update and download community sources 3.5 (if you did skip that)
    then restart your phone (hold the power button then slide)
    turn your phone back on then go to installer and then sources and then bsd subsystem click install then it will install (if it gives you failed massage click on clear queue then install)

    after you installed that click on iclarified (in the install) and install baseband updater. dont worry if it give you an error. reboot you iphone then go to installer any install anysim 1.3 then go to setting and set your phone to airplane mode then go to any sim click unlock then click ok (down) then it will install o by the way in settings general set the autolock to never. ok when it will finish unlocking your sim DONT FORGET TO CHANGE BACK THE AIRPLANE MODE TO OFF and restart the phone. and your DONE


    and yeah sorry for my bad English
    2008-02-13 08:26 AM