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    Ok ppl honestly, some1 explain....
    After failing loads of times to jailbreak and activate my iphone on 1.02, i restored to 1.11, then used all the programs i could find, i used EVERYTHING bt my phone jst doesnt activate. Then i saw verbose boot in Ziphone, and because by then i was so pissed, i hoped that it mite break my phone so i can buy a new one. Well after i booted it in verbose mode..... my iphone activated, AND my sim card works (vodafone) as well. Doesnt my phone need to be jailbroken first to be activated if its been restored? and i dont have any sim program on my iphone, how is my sim card working?...im so lost >.>

    and all my contacts are still in the phone, doesnt a restore wipe everything in the phone?
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