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    I am so glad that 1.1.3 OTB can now be unlocked!!!

    I am going to buy the 16GB iphone tomorrow from an Apple UK store and have a few questions...

    I want to use the phone on Orange UK, so if the phone is 1.1.3 OTB, what is the best way to unlock it, using Ziphone? I cant seem to find a definitive guide!

    Do I have to jailbreak+activate+unlock the phone or just unlock it?

    How do I avoid messing it up after unlocking, is it best just to avoid iTunes altogether? Whats the alternative?

    What is all this baseband/bootloader stuff? How does this affect a new 1.1.3 OTB iphone?

    If I open the box, and then even unlock the phone, can I still return it to the apple UK store? What do I say? (just thought i would ask, just in case). And is my warranty affected at all?

    I now its annoying for some of the 'faithfuls' to keep re-answering the same sort of questions over and over again, but this is a reasonable investment, and one I am praying works out, cos I have been waiting for a long time!!!

    2008-02-14 01:07 PM