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    I recently upgraded my jailbroken iPhone to version 2.0 using the Pwnage tool. It worked perfectly fine. Today I couldn't sync my phone using iTunes and it also had lots of crap on it, so I reset it using the built in option under settings (not iTunes). A warning came saying all data etc will be deleted and it will take about an hour to reset. Now, I can't start my phone. The apple logo comes with the circling dots and that's about it. Even iTunes doesn't see it connected to USB.

    I would appreciate if someone can hint the problem and/or how I can fix this.

    Many thanks
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    2008-09-02 06:14 AM
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    Yeah, dont do that again.

    To fix it you'll have to place the phone into DFU mode and restore.


    1. Itunes running, phone plugged in. Turn phone off (hold home/power to force off)

    2. Hold down power button 5 seconds.
    3. WITHOUT letting go of power, now hold down home button for 10 secs.
    4. Let go of power button, still holding home button for another 10-25 secs or until Itunes now recognizes the phone and will let you restore.
    2008-09-02 06:48 AM