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    Is there a successful and safe way of removing turbosim/universal-sim without damaging the hardware? What techniques have you come across?

    I just bought my turbosim...i am just too scared to insert it...because somehow it makes me think its going to get stuck inside.

    On youtube...there are videos of how to insert it...but not even a single video shows it removing. Does this mean...it will permanently be stuck inside?

    Please post your answers...it will help lot of people who are having this doubt.
    2008-09-18 08:04 AM
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    I haven't personally done it. But I've heard many stories about it getting stuck in there. I'd be very, very careful.
    2008-09-18 08:09 AM
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    2008-09-18 01:53 PM
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    If anyone has seen the video of Sim Adapter (Turbosim) with other carrier's sim ofcourse being removed from the iphone 3G ...please post the link here.

    So far, I have only seen videos of it being installed. Was wondering how hard is it....to push the sim ejector pin....and the sim tray pops out smoothly.
    2008-09-18 07:06 PM
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    I taped the turbo sim to my sim and the tray so it like one piece I just pop in and out. I also left a piece of tape sticking out so I can pull on that if it gets jammed.

    It worked fine until that tape wore down and eventual fell off. Now its stuck in the phone and the sim ejector only pops it out enough so it doesn't detect a sim but its not enough to grab and pull it out. But if you bend a small hook on a paper clip or something small enough to fit in the hole you can pull it out that way. No big deal. Plus I ordered a replacement sim tray just in case it breaks.

    So far I haven't had to take the sim out so I'm not really worried about it. But if something does go wrong I'm ready.

    There are also instructions online on how to open the phone and remove the sim manually if your scarred of breaking the tray.
    2008-09-18 08:01 PM
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    Thanks for your answer, can you provide the source from where you are buying extra sim tray for 3G? Also, what is the link...where I can learn how to open the phone..to remove the simcard if it gets stuck.
    2008-09-18 08:39 PM
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    Thanks for your answer, can you provide the source from where you are buying extra sim tray for 3G? Also, what is the link...where I can learn how to open the phone..to remove the simcard if it gets stuck.
    Sim tray replacement
    usbfever.com - Accessories for PC, iPhone, iPod, Headphone, Firewire (1394, IEEE), SATA, PDA / Phone, Charger

    iPhone 3G Repair Guide
    iPhone 3G Take-Apart-Guide

    Step one says to remove the sim tray but it shouldn't get it the way. At step 4 you should be able to slide the tray out with your finger.
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    2008-09-18 08:45 PM
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    Thanks a lot for all your help
    2008-09-18 09:24 PM
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    2008-09-19 09:46 AM
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    I'm using Universal Sim for my iPhone 3G. At first, I was almost in tears because I cannot get the sim out of my phone. I think the reason why I had a hard time removing it because I did not push the sim eject tool deep enough. After I have push it deeper, I was able to pull the sim tray out. I also put a small piece of tape on my simcard and Universal sim to hold them together.

    Deal extreme also sells sim tray replacement and they offer free shipping. I think they only sell black ones... http://www.dealextreme.com/details.dx/sku.14832
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    2008-09-19 10:31 AM
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    Im just going to copy and paste a little of what I wrote in another thread.
    But off of personal experience, thinning your simcard with a nailfile works wonders! Mine slides in and out naturally without any friction as it would without the sim adapter in there.

    be careful! dont ever force it in! NO means NO! I will not advocate the raping of an iPhone!! ;-) but seriously, if it wont go in easy, its a sign that it aint coming out easy either. So never force the sim and sim adapter in there... make sure it will fit, may require a little time and trial and error.. but take a nail file, and run your sim card against it(the side opposite of the sim chip of course) to thin it out, it helps alot! Also look for new versions, alot of these companies are making version 2 or 3 of their product which makes it even thinner.

    Whichever adapter you decide to use, they usually have a customer fourm, check that and see what other people have done, or even just google the name of the company and you will find other message fourms with information you need. Do your research, and take your time... you dont want a 3G brick!

    And when taping the two together if thats what you plan to do, be careful and do your research on that too, thats where I screwed up my first adapter... I just taped the bottom of the two together, and somehow after I put it in the phone, the pressure from the tape at the bottom of the sim made the the top of the sim and adapter pull from eachother, which got the sim tray stuck in the phone, I worked with it for hours and ended up just ripping it out from frustration... luckily I didnt damage the phone, but the sim adapter was torn to shreds, and the sim tray is half busted, but still works.. so take it from me, patience goes a long way
    2008-09-19 06:05 PM