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    hi guys i have an iphone 8gb with version 2.0 and when i insert a sim card the phone just displays itunes with an ipod lead and a slide for emergency what do i do or can i do to get this working any ideas thanks Nutter
    2008-09-19 12:29 AM
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    you need to pwn your phone...jailbreak....in DFU mode. Guides are available on this site..please do a search.

    read this...this will help you.

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    2008-09-19 12:32 AM
  3. nutter1's Avatar
    how do i do that....the phone is unligit i think so a dodgy way plz lol

    Oh forgot to mention everyone elses iphone displays the end of usb cable mine displays the other end which plugs into the computer...What does it mean what should i do .thanks nut

    need exact instructions on what to do plz mate.Nutter

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    2008-09-19 01:06 AM