1. tayfly07's Avatar
    Ok, so i wanted to know how to activate my iphone 3g via winpwn 2.5. Bcuz my iphone hasn't been activated yet (Brand new in box). should i plug it up to the computer?? but wont that bring up itunes? if itunes pop up should i just close itunes and activate my iphone through the winpwn???

    *****answers please***** Thanks
    2008-09-20 06:11 PM
  2. slau98006's Avatar
    If it is fresh out of box, I wouldn't use winpwn at all. What I did was go in to ATT wireless store, and told them I would like to buy a $15 gophone card to be used in a crappy phone. They gave me a phone # and an activated SIM.

    When I got home, I insert the gosim card into the iphone (2.1 firmware). Connected the iphone to itune and got activated in less than a minute! Did this on 2 iphones, both worked.

    I also have a ismartphone turbo sim that I use with T MObile. No issue so far. 6 days and counting. Both Voice (call in and out) and Edge work.

    This method requires no hacking at all!! No need to jailbreak unless you want to install software that are not on APPSTORE.
    2008-09-23 07:24 AM