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    Long story short here is that Jaegermeister + Un-insured Iphones are a really bad idea. Somebody swiped my 3g and im not gonna pay full whack for a replacement one. I've received my new O2 SIM today.

    Luckily for me I have still got my Iphone original, however that is currently on 1.1.4 unlocked for my girlfriend to use on her Orange pay as you go SIM.

    I quickly put my SIM in to the original phone but got a "no service message" and when I tried to select o2 directly from settings it told me the network was no longer available.

    Before I go ahead I just want to check that booting into DFU mode, and doing a full restore to the 2.1 firmware will enable me to use my new sim in my old Iphone, if not, what do I need to do?
    2008-09-23 06:35 PM