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    hi i have just activated an o2 3giphone using my brothers sim but as i am using the phone my self i have inserted the yes sim and using it this way.

    two questions.

    when i reconnect it to itunes will it realise it is on vodafone and ask for reactivation?

    as well as this i want to jailbreak it using my mac, how should i proceed? will it need to be reactivated again after this .

    thanks for your help guys im so happy.

    just went onto itunes phone works but came up with a message saying the sim inserted is not supported.... urgh
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    2008-10-05 02:43 AM
  2. reznor9's Avatar
    you can either pop out the sim card everytime you sync with itunes, or you can use pwnage tool and create a custom firmware.
    2008-10-05 02:49 AM
  3. sco77harris's Avatar

    just did that so happy

    thanks so much

    you guys rule
    2008-10-05 03:12 AM