1. kylejc86's Avatar
    Hi i have just unlocked my upgraded from 1.1.3 (OTB) to 1.1.4 but now o2 pay as you go GPRS wont work could anybody help me please cheers
    2008-02-29 11:22 PM
  2. carldavies@mac.com's Avatar
    GPRS does not work on iphone pay and go with O2, they use a proxy that is not compatible with mobile web. I would recommend getting a simplicity sim only deal from the O2 website. This will let you browse the internet and you can get an unlimited data bolt on for 7.50 per month. That should have you sorted.

    Hope this helps
    2008-03-01 10:42 AM
  3. kylejc86's Avatar
    i have been on the o2 pay as you go 7.50 unlimited web bolt on using 1.1.3 for about a month and it has worked perfectly so i know i can do this i just need 1.1.4 compatible settings
    2008-03-01 09:02 PM