1. vomer's Avatar
    hi guys

    Just wondering if anyone has gone from113 to 114 BL 3.9 and then unlocked it via the ipsf method??

    Right now i am on 113 unlocked by anysim and was thinking of unlocking the ipsf way once I restore to 114 since it stays unlocked thru future updates

    Let me know if anyone has done this successfully
    2008-03-01 06:49 AM
  2. dhawalsinha's Avatar
    hi, i went from 113 unlocked to 114 unlocked on 3.9 bootloader only but I used ziphone and not the ipsf way.
    2008-03-01 07:26 AM
  3. Apple iPie's Avatar
    Why do you need Ipsf way? Its easier to use Ziphone,or (i personaly do not reccomend)-Iplus!~
    2008-03-15 07:11 PM