1. nanooreg's Avatar
    i bought an iphone v1.1.3 the other day and used zihpone 2.5. after i restored to 1.1.4, i used ziphone 2.5 and it seemed to work fine except i could not use my sim card. it still says invalid sim card. do i need to cut my sim card to get this to work? please help.

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    2008-03-03 03:44 AM
  2. iBlade's Avatar
    Have you put in your simcard before using ziphone? If not try that. What do you mean by cutting your sim?
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    2008-03-03 09:06 AM
  3. Apple iPie's Avatar
    i acctually think you dont read - YOU should press Do It All button or if it doesnt work install Unlock 1.1.4 from iClarified repo...
    2008-03-03 03:33 PM