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    guys i need a little help. i am a legit att customer with a 1st gen iphone. i want to unlock it using pwnage 2.2 to be able to use a prepaid sim in question is can i unlock the phone even if i'm still using my att sim since i don't have another carrier's sim (e.g. t-mobile).how would i know if the unlock is successful?do i need to activate my phone since i am unlocking it?any help will be appreciated.
    2009-01-04 04:44 AM
  2. cricketlang's Avatar
    the sim that you want to unlock it for needs to be in when you do the unlock. you will see the carrier name in the top left when successful. thats as far as i can tell you on my half. im not a att user so i dont know too much about that. are you using a prepaid att sim or what?
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    2009-01-04 04:48 AM
  3. heavens_blade's Avatar
    i have a contract with att and i plan to use att when i'm here in the US. however i travel a lot so i want to unlock the phone so that i can use different sims when i'm abroad. i just want to know if i can unlock the phone with my att sim inside instead of a different sim. thanks.
    2009-01-04 04:56 AM

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