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  1. plasticmonkeys's Avatar
    Hi I am new here and I tried many searches for this sorta problem but came up empty with a solution.

    I have recently gave me friend a Iphone with FW 2.1 which did not have any problem being unlocked. Only when he updated to FW 2.2 and Jailbroken & Unlocked with QuickPWN everything worked well until just recently.
    His T-Mobile SIM card will come up with "No Service". So we switched different SIM cards, like the one from my Iphone which was also a T-Mobile SIM card but still had "No Service".

    Then we restore back to FW 2.2 without QuickPWN it, then QuickPWN it again but still did not work.
    We decided to downgrade it back to a custom FW2.1 that was Jailbroken & unlocked but still did nothing to his "No Service".

    It probably has something to do with the Baseband, but that is as far as I know.

    Can there be anything to solve this problem?
    2009-01-13 12:06 PM
  2. dejawoo's Avatar
    Download bootneuter from Cydia&flash your baseband.
    2009-01-13 12:37 PM
  3. plasticmonkeys's Avatar
    I tried using BootNeutur from Cydia and flash both using 3.9 bootloader and 4.6
    Still receive "no service"
    2009-01-14 04:13 PM
  4. Poseidon79's Avatar
    Zero bars is a baseband issue. "No Service" is generally something else.... possibly a hardware failure since it just stopped working for no reason. When you flash with bootneuter you have to do it twice... the first time you have to uncheck the "unlock" button and let it flash back to factory.. then recheck the "unlock" button and flash it back to unlocked. Changing the bootloader has nothing to do with the baseband.
    2009-01-14 04:19 PM
  5. blazin6969's Avatar
    None of that is seeming to work for me either, hmm wonder if i can just downgrade to like 1.1.4 lol..Should have never upgraded to 2.2
    2009-01-21 04:27 AM
  6. kittsy4193's Avatar
    ive had the same problem, upgraded to 2.2, then quickpwn had 'no service' appear, i then downgraded to 2.1, 2.0 used bootneuter flashed it in both settings still had 'no service'. Looked on-line for a solution, was informed to downgrade to 1.1.4 did this and have now winpwn, ziphone and tried iliberty as well as changing the bootloader,all the programs worked and unlocked the phone but still got the 'no service'. hav also tred different sim's but still no luck, could anybody help, would be eternally grateful thanks
    2009-01-27 06:50 PM
  7. kknd's Avatar
    2009-02-20 06:27 AM
  8. pagaman's Avatar
    Hi,same problem here...

    I send you this email because I HAVE A BIG PROBLEM!!!!

    To days ago I updated my iPhone 2G (EDGE) with firmware 3.1 Beta 3. Then I jailbreak it with iH8sn0w. After that my iPhone recovered from jailbreak process and start freezing and loosing the GSM signal. I restored it back to 3.0 and jailbreak again. Since then my iPhone displays “NO SERVICE”. I made downgrade even until 1.1.1. version. I downloaded the Baseband until 04.02.13_G modem firmware. I tried all those possibilities, but my iphone is showing NO SERVICE.

    My iPhone was bought with 1.1.2 (04.02.13_G modem firmware) version.

    Please help me in this case because you’re my last chance.

    Thank you very much.
    2009-08-20 10:08 PM
  9. ExTrEmE99's Avatar
    Im having a similar problem, but i cant even get bootneuter to work. this is the error i get

    Ive searched everywhere and i cannot find a solution

    2009-08-22 12:12 AM
  10. gusss's Avatar
    same problem here!!!
    2009-08-24 03:55 AM
  11. mikerlx's Avatar
    Calm down, use pwnage 3.0 put every fw and file on the desktop and follow specific instruction to pwnage tool, I have 2g and redsnow only works if u got 3.0. Leave baseband alone. Make sure u on 8.2 not 8.2.1
    2009-08-24 07:28 AM
  12. gusss's Avatar
    I've got same problem, the iphone has no service. Phone not allowed!
    The simcard is working....

    it works with one other carrier though!....
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    2009-08-24 05:33 PM
  13. Papa Lazarou's Avatar
    I have similar problem where the service goes between NO SERVICE, 1 bar and 5 bars. Likely to be baseband or hardware?
    2009-09-04 11:57 AM
  14. mikerlx's Avatar
    I have this issue whenever I go way to my relatives but that may be a service issue it's fine when I leave.
    2009-09-07 04:42 PM