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    Hi friends,

    Help a bro out, please! I offered to help this girl (who I find stunning) out by unlocking her iPhone 2G (2.2) for her. I want to keep her attention, but I'm really worried she'll move on if I come up empty-handed. We are in a foreign country together, and she wants to use it with a SIM she has from here.

    P.S. This isn't meant to be a sexist post. I absolutely do not doubt the ability of a female to unlock an iPhone. This is simpy me trying to do something nice for this girl I met, but I'm also big enough to admit when I'm stuck and need a little help.

    So here's the deal:

    1. I updated her phone to 2.2 with the ipsw from this site (this was before 2.21 was released), through iTunes, but with the Shift+Restore method, since iTunes wasn't downloading the new update properly.

    2. Restored her data to it, and ran QuickPwn 22-1 to jailbreak/unlock. BootNeuter ran, so far as I could tell. Jailbreak definitely worked, I (have Cydia, Installer, etc...), but Unlock didn't work - I get the "Different SIM detected error."

    I did all of this with the AT&T SIM card inside though, is that my problem? Does it have to be the other SIM card I plan to use, or no sim card?

    3. I tried downloading BootNeuter, but only saw "2.1" on Cydia, and either way when I tried to run it, it always crashes on startup and I need to hard restart the iphone holding both buttons down.

    So what do I try now? And what is causing this issue?

    A. The whole thing over again with 2.21?
    B. Start from 1.14 again or some other convoluted path?
    C. The WinSCP method some people have described for Lockdown modifying or something, that some posts say is only for software unlocking? What happens if I put the AT&T card back in then?
    D. I have an iPhone 3G myself, and Yellowsn0w works like a charm. Is there anything similar for the iPhone 2G?

    Thanks very much for your speedy reply!!!

    I mean really, THANKS SO MUCH!
    2009-02-03 09:45 PM
  2. dejawoo's Avatar
    I think,its related with lockdown files on iphone.Just search on google...
    2009-02-03 10:43 PM
  3. Poseidon79's Avatar
    For whatever reason Quickpwn only works with a single SIM card. If you swap SIMs you have to DFU restore and Quickpwn again. If you can find and download a custom built firmware and DFU restore to this you won't have the different SIM issue no matter what.
    2009-02-03 10:46 PM
  4. AndrewBucklin's Avatar
    Re-read your post and saw you're not unlocking a 3G, so my earlier post was irrelevant.

    Either way, below is how to get into DFU mode!

    Good luck with the chick. If everything works out, don't forget to post some pics.
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    DFU Restore Mode - Quick How-To:
    1. Power phone OFF.
    2. Hold power + home for 10 seconds.
    3. Let go of power and continue to hold home until iTunes finds the phone.
    2009-02-03 10:50 PM
  5. jpadock's Avatar
    Um, if nothing else works, you can try a unlock sim.
    Good luck with the chick
    "Apple a day keeps the doctor away"
    2009-02-05 08:32 AM