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    I bought a iphone 2g version 2.2.1 that had an account that has been cancelled. I went to unlock the phone using quickpwn and installed cydia installer clicked unlock and custom icons for boot menu. it all went on the phone fine and all installs great but here is my issue. When I put in my tmobile sim card it tells me it is the wrong sim card. I have the original AT&T card but it is deactivated. So my dilemma is it keeps me in the emergency screen and I can't get it to activate with the AT&T card. can someone please help me and tell me what to download or what to do? thanks in advance I love this forum
    2009-02-27 04:52 AM
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    DFU restore the phone FIRST... then re-run quickpwn.
    2009-02-27 04:54 AM
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    thank you for the quick reply but still getting same error different sim detected. do i need to do the flash with the tmoblie sim card in the phone to start with or can i leave it out? thanks

    ok did the DFU with att card in it via itunes and then took att out and put in tmobile to use quickpwn and still same result. I am on software 2.2.1 and can't get this thing to unlock for different service just get the wrong sim inserted. should i try pwnage? does it support 2.2.1 only saw 2.0.2 let me know what i need to do. really want to use the phone and it drives me nuts i can't figure it out lol
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    2009-02-27 12:49 PM
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    make sure u have ur sim inserted while unlocking ur iphone & for tutorial u can refer following thread:

    2009-02-27 12:51 PM
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    Have followed those instructions to a T and still same result. No idea why it is not opening the phone up. Should I try Pwnage? Is there a version for 2.2.1? Thanks all
    2009-02-27 01:10 PM
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    Put it into dfu with just preferred sim.Restore&quickpwn again.Don't change your sims...
    2009-02-27 03:37 PM
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    Perhaps that's where I am getting confused. I thought DFU was just restoring the phone. I will read up on this. What is DFU? I thank you for all the help
    2009-02-27 03:45 PM
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    DFU is device firmware upgrade...When you put your phone into dfu,then itunes recognizes your phone needs to upgrade or downgrade...
    2009-02-27 03:57 PM
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    So how do I get to DFU ? When I put it in this mode do I do it with the tmobile sim card in? Just want to avoid getting the wrong sim error
    2009-02-27 04:09 PM
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    Put in your sim card first then use quickpwn which tells you everything you need to know.
    2009-02-28 12:24 AM
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    Dfu(Turn off your phone,hold Power and Home as the grey apple logo comes up,release the power button,but keep holding the home button&wait for iTunes to detect your phone in recovery mode)with sim card which you want to use...
    2009-03-01 03:14 PM
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    I itunes this cause anything after I unlocked the iPohne 2g with a T-Mobile in and still bring the emergency screen...Quikpwn 2.2.5... Any help Please...I kind of disapointed my friend trying to impress him after I used yellosn0w on my 3g...lol
    2009-03-30 02:44 PM
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    yeah im having this same problem... which is crazy cuz ive inlocked sooo many iPhones for friends via quikpwn,pwnagetool, yellowsnow...this surprised da hell outta me...idk whats goin on...

    Edit!!!! Got it!!! Thanks!!!
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    2009-03-31 07:48 AM
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    I have found that when I have unlocked phones that were previously used and activated on a legit AT&T account they will typically unactivate once you first unlock the phone and hook it up to a computer. Often the unlock still works and the phone is still able to receive phone calls and has full service, all while in the "Emergency calls only" screen. The remedy for this is to put the sim card you intend to use in the phone, restore all the original settings via iTunes, and then use quickpwn to unlock and jailbreak the phone. This may work with pwnage but for some reason I have had a couple failures with the pwnage tool. Restoring factory settings will tell you that the sim card is invalid, so entering DFU mode will allow the restore.

    I think this problem of the phone deactivating exists because the phone was previously activated with an AT&T sim card in the phone and so even though you unlock it with the T-mobile sim card inserted, the "activation" part doesn't hold up. You want iTunes to recognize the phone has an "invalid sim" because then quickpwn or pwnage can "hactivate" your iPhone with your T-mobile sim.
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    2009-03-31 09:09 AM