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    [QUOTE=utahoboe;38209]"As a follow up to my last message to anyone reading this, I was able to figure it out. If you've unlocked your phone, then you must be familiar with iBrickr by this point. Go into it and delete the "sms.db" file at var/root/library/SMS. Restart iphone. Supposedly, this error is is caused by certain sms messages which crash the sms app on the iphone, and is rumored to be fixed in next firmware release."

    Dude, I did as you said in iBrickr but it's not working.. Can you please confirm if this was what u meant and also please suggest alternate solutions to work this out.. cheers and waiting for ur reply.
    2007-09-23 12:37 PM
  2. lynxman's Avatar
    The problem I think is iPhone firmware related, it won't accept any SMS whose origin is not formatted in the +(phone number) format, it will only accept that format and reject all the rest sent from the network even if the sms have only one number after the +, I've been doing the tests from my SMS gateway here at work.
    Let's hope this gets solved soon...
    2007-09-23 01:18 PM
  3. ichiro's Avatar
    Hey All,

    I'm still struggling to find a method to get phone to receive text messages.
    I've had a good look through Cyberduck and have tried a few variations all to no avail... anybody getting any further with theirs?
    Are there any Vodafone users that are able to receive text messages???
    Look forward to hearing..
    2007-09-24 11:22 AM
  4. bookmark's Avatar
    Yes, i am on vodafone, my phone is working perfectly fine.

    You tried my method yet?
    2007-09-24 01:36 PM
  5. applekompakt's Avatar
    I'am using it with EPlus in Germany. Couldn't receive SMS before.
    I've tried your method. Everything works perfect now.

    2007-09-25 01:28 PM
  6. perrin21's Avatar
    Hiya how do i find my iphone ip address, im trying to start the metod above using a mac. Please help. ive bought an ipohone off ebay that was supposed to be unlocked but it only half works. It can send but not recieve sms and when i make a call i have to press the speaker phone button on and off to activate the ear phone. its a nightmare. help help help :-)
    2007-09-26 12:41 PM
  7. web_atom@mac.com's Avatar
    Bookmark!!!! You are a genius mate.... it took me a few tries, but i got there... THANK YOU!!! Can now recieve sms.... how did you figure this out...?

    A couple of thing i would add to your instructions to do with the files:

    these were not in my phone at all - and i had to find them (on the net) and manually put them in the /usr/bin folder... once i did this - your script found them and the fix worked....

    to the rest of you i know absolutely nothing about comand lines etc... just follow Bookmark's instructions to the letter and it will work...
    2007-09-27 06:12 PM
  8. bookmark's Avatar
    thank you [email protected]
    I had the same problem when i receive my iphone aswell, and i was trying to find the fix for it, but most of them were broken solutions, didn't say about all other problems during the process.

    All i did was re-writting the solution including all the problems many "will" get inbetween step by step, so other iphone beginner can fix it at home by themselves.

    We should thank the dev team first. I was just doing the cleaning up.
    Thanks for reminding me to add the fls & eep files on to the solution
    2007-09-27 07:19 PM
  9. fels007's Avatar
    Any of you guys out there got a windows equivelant fix that matches up to Bookmarks? Cheers in advance.
    2007-09-28 12:20 AM
  10. Kushe's Avatar
    I'm on T-Mobile in the US, and everything works fine, with the exception of sending and receiving SMS texts. When I actually receive one, I get notification and can read the beginning of it. But when I touch the SMS button, it goes to a blank "notepad-esque" screen for one second, and then goes back to home. If I try to text a contact, I get the same end results, back at home.

    Any help would be appreciated!

    As a follow up to my last message to anyone reading this, I was able to figure it out. If you've unlocked your phone, then you must be familiar with iBrickr by this point. Go into it and delete the "sms.db" file at var/root/library/SMS. Restart iphone. Supposedly, this error is is caused by certain sms messages which crash the sms app on the iphone, and is rumored to be fixed in next firmware release.

    Done- thanks for the tip. ibrickr is great and ur greater!!
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    2007-09-28 09:53 PM
  11. bobronco's Avatar
    is there a windows version of bookmarks fix? I live in Canada and am on Fido and can receive text's from most sources, however, I can't receive text notification of a voicemail and msn-to-phone text messages are delayed by DAYS!! and sometimes don't come at all. Will this fix resolve my problem?


    I was able to go through the whole process in windows with a ssh client. I had to download the 2 files but bbupdater wasn't on my phone to begin with. However, this method did not fix my voicemail notification problem. I followed the instructions to a tee. I'm on Fido in Canada. I can receive sms from other phones from other carriers, and always could. My problem is just the voicemail text notifier. HELP!
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    2007-09-29 08:21 AM
  12. Chetzer2007's Avatar
    Thanks BOOKmark...... i can receive text messeges now...... guy just follow the instructionss////
    2007-10-01 06:33 AM
  13. bobronco's Avatar
    This is the problem I'm having and this doesn't seem to fix it.

    2007-10-01 06:59 AM
  14. anaq8i's Avatar
    I can confirm that Bookmark's solution does work as I have successfully fixed an iphone here in Kuwait with his solution.

    I used a windows machine with Putty to interface with the iphone.

    the root password I think is alpine

    I just followed the instructions and now both the no audio and no SMS issues are fixed.

    The iphone I fixed was upgraded to version 1.02 before I applied the solution.
    2007-10-02 05:16 AM
  15. ekiwi's Avatar
    Hi Bookmark,

    Interesting work around you've come up with, well done!
    Just to check were you not receiving any sms before or just not getting msgs from your carrier (that's the problem I have).

    Either way for now I think I'm gonna have to wait for a simpler solution. The risk of relocking my phone (and possibly needing to reinstall apps, contacts etc?) doesn't make it worth it for me. Until then if I see a missed call I'll call my voicemail myself.
    Small inconvenience but still McLOVIN the iphone!

    Anyone comes up with an easier fix (like the voicemail one which was one line of code) do let us know!

    2007-10-02 08:07 AM
  16. joisey04's Avatar
    Hello Bookmark,

    just curious before I start doing this:
    I can receive normal SMS but I don't receive SMS from my carrier e.g. for new voicemail

    Can anyone confirm that the description from bookmark fixes the carrier sms issue too?

    2007-10-02 10:55 AM
  17. bobronco's Avatar
    I tried 2 times and it doesn't fix that issue. I'm using Fido in Canada.
    2007-10-03 08:56 AM
  18. ekiwi's Avatar
    kinda glad we checked bedore trying. Funny that wasn't made clear!
    thanks for letting us know mate.
    2007-10-03 11:27 AM
  19. joisey04's Avatar
    another question:

    does anyone know what SMS service center number the iPhone is using?? Because I haven't found a way to change it on the phone. I hope it's not using ATT's. Thats gonna be expensive.
    2007-10-03 11:57 AM
  20. Abdulla1's Avatar
    I tried this solution and it work fine for 1 message and after that no more messages are coming! I also tried to do everything again and again with no success!
    Any other fix bookmark.
    2007-10-03 08:29 PM
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