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    Ok, i'm new to all of this so don't shoot me if I'm doing something wrong here. I've searched for days on here but can't find this problem:

    I have a 8GB iPhone, 1.1.4, Jailbroke, with Summerboard 3.2, Swirley 3.4, Smb Themes Fix, with Aqwoah themes.

    Everytime an incoming SMS comes in, the phone comes on then goes directly to the unlock slider screen. If the phone is on when one comes in, it does the same thing..just goes to the unlock screen. The SMS is coming in and can be read, but after the phone reverts to the unlock screen. Also, my map app when you try to open comes up for about one second then goes back to springboard. HELP!
    2008-03-09 04:03 AM