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    Hey guys. I'm planning a round the world trip and would like to use my iphone. I'll be going to Spain, Portugal, Australia, New Zealand, Tasmania, Thailand, Mexico, and 3-5 other countries in Central/South America.

    I have 2.2 and upgraded the baseband (I remember them saying this would possibly prevent unlocking in the future permanently)

    From what I know I just unlock it using yell0snow, pick up pre-paid sim-cards wherever I go, turn off the mobile DATA thing so I don't get charged absurd amounts for data, and that's it?

    Lastly, to use the iphone charger abroad do I simply need an adapter or do I need a converter?
    2009-04-27 01:56 AM
  2. broncosi's Avatar
    im assuming you've already began your trip. I am about to leave for mine. I was curious what answers you found out?
    2010-09-22 03:51 PM
  3. i.Annie's Avatar
    old old thread
    2010-09-22 04:38 PM
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    Congrats on a completely useless post. That must be how you got your post count up so high. Obviously it's an old thread which is why I figured he had some answers by now.

    Thanks for playing though . . .
    2010-09-27 02:20 PM
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    Not sure where your sad attitude is coming from, but you're the one who revived the thread. I mentioned that it's an old thread cuz some people don't realize it thru a google search. If you've bothered to check my profile, 95% of my posts are helpful to the community. I don't get hundreds of "thanks" count just for posting "useless posts".

    But nice try
    2010-09-27 07:11 PM