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    I think I'm in somewhat of a bind here. I have a sim-free 2G iPhone on firmware 2.1 that I CAN'T upgrade. I have it plugged into iTunes and I'm getting nowhere (because the lack of a sim) I tried putting my sim in from my 3G iPhone but iTunes just wants to convert my plan into one for the 2G iPhone.

    I need to upgrade the phone but when I start up Quickpwn it gives me an error saying it doesn't support the firmware the phone is on (2.1)..so if I can't activate it with Quickpwn then how can I upgrade the firmware and unlock the phone?

    Kind of a conundrum..thanks for any helpful answers you can share.

    EDIT: I was able to activate the phone using Quickpwn with a windows machine but NOW the problem is that the phone isn't activated when I restore it so I can't update it to 2.2.1..
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    You restore, then activate it in Quickpwn. Not restore, activate it, then restore again. Right?
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    2009-05-10 02:17 PM