1. JuanPi's Avatar
    I have an 8gb 2g iPhone and I just upgraded it to 2.2.1 firmware hoping my no service problem would fix. Well it didn't work out.
    I upgraded to 2.2.1 via itunes then I used quickpwn on windows.
    Generally I have service but sometimes I goes away and I have to restart my phone to get the signal come back. I downloaded bootneuter just in case.
    For a long time I thought it was a hardware problem, but how the service come back it doesn't look like to be.
    The other day I was talking to a friend about this problem and reading through posts about it and we realized something. Maybe it is not a problem of hardware but a baseband configuration problem. I live in chile and our cellphone system uses only 800 and 1200 band and the iphone searches for 2400 too but here in chile that band it's blocked. So I would like to try a program that would allow me to set only 800 and 1200 band use, but I haven't heard about such program. I think this could be the same for others countries.

    If someone have other idea to solve this problem or knows about some program that would allow me to do such thing please let me know.
    2009-05-19 06:50 PM