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    I've read across several topics, but no one seems to have experienced the same problem as I am.

    I have a year old 2G iPhone, currently with 2.2 firmware, jailbroken and unlocked. It's been working fine till today.

    I have SBsetting on it, and mobile susbtrate, and intelliscreen and ireelSMS, also ilog and others.

    I did a respring because my SMS (the native app) kept saying I had 1 unread message, though every time i openned it all was read.

    This respring was done via SBsetting. But it did not look at all like the usual re-spring... there was a different springboard background (not mine) and SONIC (from SEGA) and another character were in the background moving some apps...

    I thought "Cool! this new update, through Cydia, looks great". Except that the screen froze with that image... neither the home button nor the "Sleep" button would react. So what did I do? I pressed both long enough to force a restart.

    Now, the screen shows that "connect to iTunes to activate iPhone" (actually it's only a USB cord with an arrow pointing at the iTunes icon), though it also requests my SIM PIN. So I can't access the springboard, but i can call anyone by entering their number on the "emergency only": there's no restriction on who to call, because i can enter my PIN.

    But that's it!!!! I can't even check the time because the clock doesn't show. and the most annoying part is, I get sms alert, but I can't see them!

    When I connect it to itunes it says "The SIM card inserted in this iPhone does not appear do be supported". When i Open winAmp with ml_ipod I can access my music.

    How frustrating to you think this is? Any ideia on "activating" without loosing my messages and contacts (my last backup was ages ago...)
    2009-06-02 07:54 PM