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  1. meram84's Avatar
    Hello there,

    I'm a newbie here and just getting into the iphone world. I'm in the US, but I want to use it with T-Mobile instead of AT&T. So I want to unlock the phone.

    I've got a good deal to get an iphone 3g 16 gig model. But the problem is that the seller has restored the phone to factory settings and he can't go into the menu to find the baseband version.

    I have been doing a bit of reading here and this forum and around the web to find out that the hardware unlocks (turbo sim or rebel sims) for the 2.30 baseband are buggy and doesn't give good results always. So I want to make sure that this phone doesn't have that firmware before I pull the deal.

    I have asked him to try out some other at&t sim and try activating it. But I'm not sure if this could work.

    Can you please let me know if there is a way to find this out.

    2009-06-12 01:47 AM
  2. confucious's Avatar
    Does he not know what FW it was on? if he wasn't worried before and used iTunes to update it will be on FW2.21 and BB 2.30.03 and can't be s/ware unlocked.

    He who asks a question looks foolish for 5 minutes. He who doesn't ask a question remains foolish forever.
    2009-06-13 12:30 PM
  3. Mes's Avatar
    The baseband version is located at Settings/General/About/Modem Firmware. If the seller can't supply this, I would steer clear for the time being. It's possible an unlock will come for later versions but not guaranteed.
    2009-06-13 01:02 PM