1. RockTheA4's Avatar
    Hello MMi!

    My name is D.C. and I am a new Iphone owner. I had an idea about using the iphone without the data plan...
    before I get 2000 "iphone is useless w/o data" comments.
    1. It's an ipod
    2. It has wifi.
    3. Can still use fun apps.

    I live on a University that is covered with wifi, so I really don't need data.

    Ok so hear me out.

    I bought the $99 3g from the ATT store today. I have my OLD sim I used for my LG shine. I asked that if I were to damage my Iphone, could I cancel the data service, they said yes. I know that the IMEI number doesn't matter because when upgrading to the Iphone, we put in my LG IMEI for my mom's phone (it was HER upgrade, going onto my line, the rep said IMEI doesn't matter).
    What if I called them in a day, told them the Iphone was broken, gave them my LG IMEI, unlock/jailbreak my Iphone, put the OLD Sim in?

    Any thoughts?
    2009-06-15 10:49 PM
  2. KoolMan0's Avatar
    i think i understand
    when you go to their website it tells you that you are using an iphone but does not make a difference.

    i have an iphone and dont have a data plan. i use Disable EDGE/3G data on iPhone - iphonenodata.com - for free it just go on the site on your iphone and install it. that works turns off the 3g/E or you can install BossPrefs and SBSettings and disable them through that.

    hope this helps.
    2009-06-15 11:29 PM
  3. RockTheA4's Avatar

    How long have you been using your iphone without data?

    If I do this should I be worried about ATT "Discovering" it?

    I may just return the f-ing thing and get a blackberry.

    2009-06-15 11:50 PM
  4. KoolMan0's Avatar
    i have a family plan, no data on it, just very limited and its the cheapest plan att has

    i have 2 iphones on this plan and have had them for 5-8 months
    att has not contacted me about it or anything. the iphone activates through itunes as long as the sim is att

    as i mentioned use the iphonenodata.com or BossPreffs either one works.
    2009-06-16 06:19 AM