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    Two days back i downloaded OS 3.0 to my apple iphone 3G through my apple Macpro laptop.After completion of downloading,i saw that the iphone was locked showing a Wire/Plug with itunes emblem on the iphone screen with a message stating that "Only Comapatible SIM card from a supported carrier may be used to activate iphone".Now i am unable to open the iphone.The iphone 3G was bought by me during February 09 from an authoried shop in an unlocked condition and i was using the same with any SIM card.In USA i was using the phone with AT&T SIM card and after i downloaded 2.2.1, the carrier was disabled and i was advised to use the SIM card from the supported carrier which i found out to be O2 of UK.Then i unlocked the same through an unlockable SIM and was again using AT&T SIM card.Recently I was using AIRTEL SIM card.Few days back when I downloaded OS 3.0,it got locked and i am unable to open the iphone.After downloading I noted ICCID number was also changed. Please guide me.
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    2009-06-25 08:24 AM
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    hey man... sup..

    all you need to do is download redsn0w can be found in the download section... this software will jailbreal your iphone and also activate it... its really easy to use.. you won't need a guide...

    next once you have icy or cydia on your iphone open either one of them and under sources edit>add a new source >> (repo666.ultrasn0w.com) <<add that then refresh and download an app called ultrasn0w..

    next restart your iphone and wait a few mins.. all should work just fine..

    2009-06-25 11:53 AM