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    Please understand in 3.0 firmware for the iphone 3g they removed the internet carrier settings because you shouldnt have to change these settings if you use ATT so to get around that you have to follow these easy instructions that are free or find one of the many difficult ways to change your apn for internet to work.

    To get my internet working for my iphone I learned the hard way that there is a very simple way so I hope this helps everyone that is having a hard time. The first thing I did was redo my phone as I screwed up my settings and didnt know what I ruined on my iphone. So I will start from the begining to the end.

    1. The first thing I did was download for osx

    2. I downloaded the 3.0 firmware for 3g iphone

    3. One thing I had issues with was the cable make sure its a normal Iphone cable as I have done so many of these installs and some cables that are not made for the iphone do not work right and will give you errors after almost installing but they never finish so get the real iphone cable if your install keeps failing.

    4. Install the new 3.0 firmware on your iphone 3g

    5. Add your sim card in the phone and connect to wireless and open cydia and search for the t-mobile us carrier (international) file to download if your on tmobile (or download one that meet the correct service provider your using)

    6. Please reboot when your done installing your carrier software from cydia

    7. Add the repo to your cydia and do a search for ultrasn0w and install the ultrasn0w app for unlocking the 3.0 firmware for 3g iphones. Reboot the iphone after the install. There is nothing to run after the install.

    8. Please connect to wireless again and open safari and browse to this site it will as you a few questions please follow them.

    9. Please dont try to manually add yours just choose your service and click done and it will auto fill your apn settings then follow the rest of your instructions.

    10. Reboot the iphone again

    11. You will now see a new icon called apn which you can use to change the apn over and over again. Also to delete the apn settings just go to settings and general and profile and click remove

    12. Please dont forget this important thing go to settings general then network and make sure data roaming is turned off if you are still having trouble try to turn 3g off also (my 3g works fine)

    13. One last thing wait after you make the last changes it takes a minute if it doesnt work reboot the iphone and try again.

    14. Browse and your now on the internet.

    15. Please dont think about taking shortcuts around my instructions because I did and I was having such a hard time getting my internet to work so I finally started over and follow my own way and it worked if you were like me wanting to get internet to work do what I say and reinstall dont waste time.

    (Please donate to the person at I did because this guy saved me so much time for a great free service. Check his site out on your computer and it has more info.)

    David (tired of no one writing helpful guides when they figure stuff out)
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