1. ssaint6's Avatar
    So I have loved my phone since I did my jailbreak & turbosim two Christmases ago, but I would love to unlock the thing completely so I can use some of the new apps with a smarter OS.

    Unfortunately, you guys work so fast that I don't know which programs to use. Independance, Pwnage, redsnow...? Can some body give me some direction? I will send you a batch of my famous chocolate chip cookies if that would help.
    2009-07-21 09:50 PM
  2. sunnymeadows's Avatar
    I have a 2g that I unlocked via pwnage tool on tmobile and have had no problems at all. I also have a 3Gs that I jailbroke using purple rain. It literally took 2 minutes at the most. The I used Ultrasnow to unlock and it only took a few minutes and works perfectly. I got a lot of great info from this forum, and also iclarified.com. Hope this helps!
    2009-07-22 02:31 AM