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    Having the No Service dilemma on a 2G iPhone.

    I have tried every possible software combination known to the iPhone hacking community and still cant get the sim to work and use the mobile phone section of the iPhone.

    Tried different sims tried different firmwares including 2.2.1 tried different basebands in bootneuter tried pwnage tried redsnow tried quickpwn even installed yellowsnow from cydia (but apparently the 2G iphone doesn't need it anyway) tried everything unless someone has tried more than me and i haven't heard of it.

    Am i rubbing up the wrong tree and could this be a fault in the hardware, i.e. antenna?

    If anyone has some ideas that I haven't tried I would love to hear from you.

    Many thanks!

    Im on iMac intel OS 10.5.7 iTunes 8.2
    2009-07-28 09:44 AM