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  1. balistikb's Avatar
    I currently have an 3.0 3g jailbroken phone. I was thinking of restoring, jailbreaking again with redsn0w ( is that needed?) unlock with ultrasn0w. I was thinking of then giving this unlocked phone to my brother.
    Will he have any issues going to another provider? what are some things to think about?
    Am I going about this correctly?
    2009-08-05 01:57 PM
  2. calebdexter's Avatar
    your brother wouldn't have problem if he's going to another provider because it is already unlocked and why would you restore and JB/unlock it again? just have to go to reset and choose erase all content and settings and the phone will be good as new without even restoring it
    2009-08-05 03:24 PM
  3. balistikb's Avatar
    Not sure if I fully understand that. Could you explain in better detail please?
    since my phone is already jailbroken are you saying I could just go into cydia and download ultrasn0w and unlock? I am not sure what you mean about reset.

    2009-08-05 04:02 PM
  4. Efrdman2008's Avatar
    I dont reccomend doing that at all! I have had to restore my Ipod a couple of times lately and the one time I trie doing it from the actual device it bricked. and besides it is much faster if you do it from the computer anyway.
    2009-08-06 01:53 AM
  5. balistikb's Avatar
    what is the recommended way?
    2009-08-06 01:55 AM
  6. Efrdman2008's Avatar
    Just go to itunes and hit restore and it will put ur iphone back to factory settings
    2009-08-06 02:01 AM
  7. balistikb's Avatar
    Then do redsn0w and then ultrasn0w?
    2009-08-06 02:09 AM
  8. ekidd's Avatar
    Then do redsn0w and then ultrasn0w?
    well the phone needs to be jailbroken first to be able to unlock it sooo....
    2009-08-06 03:37 AM
  9. calebdexter's Avatar
    just go to your Settings option in your PHONE!, and look for reset button, its usually under your general settings, and hit erase all data and settings...
    2009-08-09 12:36 PM
  10. thunderwolf333's Avatar
    do it with the computer it's safer
    2009-08-12 03:57 AM