1. distorted's Avatar
    Hi there.
    I've got an iPhone 3G White 16GB.
    I upgraded the FW to 3.0 and used redsn0w on windows.
    I easily unlocked it with ultrasn0w on cydia, no problems at all.

    It's been working fine.
    But since 2 days I got my new package for GPRS which Uber cheap and I've been going through cydia, getting Tweaks, Repos, Themes and stuff, the usual!

    I installed BigBoss Prefs and SBSettings yeh.
    I was turning off 3G and Bluetooth through BigBoss prefs, cuz I don't use them and they eat up my battery.

    It rebooted the phone and my SB just went to default (I had a theme installed, used Categories to pile up he Apps and Games and used the FCSB).

    Then the funniest thing.
    I cannot use my GPRS anymore, I've reset the settings over 4 times, rebooted, poweredoff, but it's not working at all.
    PLUS Cydia is crashing EVERY single time I am in Manage>Packages. It used to crash every now and then, but rebooting the phone would fix it, till the next time, but now it's just refusing to load up Packages.

    My first question is, is there any fix for this or anything at all?
    And secondly, IF I restore the FW and jailbreak it again on windows, would I have to install ultrasn0w again? because right now I don't have a Wireless Router and it's a bugger these days.

    This is a long one, but thanks for reading. Please anything would help! =)

    2009-08-07 03:32 AM
  2. Bo Troxell's Avatar
    Welcome to MMi,
    Well as far as the crashing, not sure what is causing that but a fresh restore and J/B can only improve your phone.
    Not sure why you would Boss perfs when you have SBSettings, but cool.
    Yes, you will lose the unlock. Here is a thread on how to install ultrasn0w with out wifi, should help.
    Good luck.
    2009-08-07 03:51 AM
  3. distorted's Avatar
    It worked perfectly! =) No hassles, no issues. Everything is working! Even the EDGE Thanks
    2009-08-07 05:04 AM