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    Hello people..

    i see that you're all very passionate about your iphones, Since yesterday i'm new to it..and still standing behind the fence but hopefully with a bit of your help i'll be able to enter the game as it were..

    OK, my girlfriend brough me her dads iphone upgrade from the states, 8GB G3..

    I entered it into itunes8, but it wants all her dads verification info, which obviously i don't want to do, for his sake...

    So i guess i have to do a 'crack' registration, and then unlock it for use in Italy with my Vodafone sim????

    Any kind of help & suggestions will be greatly appreaciated!!!


    2009-08-25 12:58 PM
  2. satch2501's Avatar
    You shouldn't have to do any info verifications. Once plugged in, just hit "restore". Now with the new firmware installed (3.0.1), follow these instructions to ensure that your phone is jailbroken and unlocked:

    Instruction on jailbreak and unlock 3.0.1

    First, plug your phone in and let itunes upgrade your phone to 3.0.1. Then visit Dev-Team Blog to download redsn0w (jailbreak program). Also, download (from this site the 3.0 firmware. Make sure you download the proper one. There is one for the 2G, 3G and now 3GS) Then fire up redsn0w. Follow the instructions and you will have a jailbroken iphone.

    Jailbreak steps:
    1- Plug iphone in
    2- Let itunes upgrade it to 3.0.1
    3- Download the 3.0 firmware (from
    4- Download the redsn0w app (from this site of Dev-Team Blog)
    5- Run redsn0w
    6- When prompted, pick the 3.0 file (not the 3.0.1, they are the same except for the sms fix which is now on your phone)
    7- Close your phone
    8- Put your phone in DFU and let redsn0w jailbreak your phone.
    9- Let it reboot and voilà.

    Unlock steps:

    1- Open up Cydia
    2- Do the essential updates
    3- If asked, pick "user" in the choice of users
    4- Once the updates are done, it will close
    5- Reopen Cydia
    6- Naviguate to "manage"
    7- Pick "sources"
    8- Click "edit" then "add"
    9- Add the following repo : (where the sn0w is a zero not an "o")
    10- Click "done"
    11- Then click "refresh"
    12- Naviguate to "changes" or click on the "search" tool
    13- Locate Ultrasn0w and install it.
    14- Reboot your phone.

    2009-08-25 02:36 PM
  3. S11DJ's Avatar
    Thanks man..

    That all sounds simple enough, but i really do have to get around this registration page first..When i plug the iphone into itunes, the AT&T page appears giving no other options but to enter the billing address and last 4 digits of registered user national security number, before i can get started.

    I've tried it on both my girlfriends macbook and my PC and the result is the same.

    How can i get around this?

    Thanks again,

    2009-08-25 10:37 PM
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    ****** sweet, thanks a lot man, got it sorted =)
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    2009-08-27 08:24 AM
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    2009-08-27 08:25 AM