1. dtown218's Avatar
    so i have an iphone and pay my 100$ a month for service and i jailbroke it and love it.

    anyway so my friend bought an iphone 2g off craigslist and wants me to jailbreak it and unlock it, with the understanding that he should be able to put any sim card in it and use it. so i jailbroke it and unlocked it, but when he puts a sim card in it just says "no service"..

    i restored it to firmware 3.0.1
    jailbroke/unlocked it with redsn0w using 3.0 and the bootloader files

    what am i doing wrong? ive spent like two full days on this.. clearly i dont understand something..

    thanks for any help..
    2009-09-12 03:57 AM
  2. whysoserious1's Avatar
    make sure there is no sim card in the phone during the entire process.

    1. restore to 3.0 or 3.0.1 with no sim in the phone.
    2. run redsn0w for the jailbreak and unlocked with no sim card.
    3. after the phone finishes jailbreaking it will immediately run the bootneuter program which is what unlocks the phone.....as soon as its finished your phone will reboot and THEN put the sim in and it should work with any sim card.

    ive done this many, many times and never had a problem.

    hope this helps
    2009-09-13 07:49 AM