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    Hi ppl,

    As an avid forums user (new here obv.)I know I have to do my share of research first before dropping a question. However, where I am currently, the internet connection is too slow, so I don't have the luxury of doing some extensive research on how to unblock both of my iphones. So, I would appreciate it if you helped me out!

    I have two iPhones:

    1. iPhone 2G, OS: 3.0.1 (7A400), BB: 04.05.04-G, Model No.MA712LL

    2. iPhone 3G(S), OS: 3.1 (7C144), BB: 05.11.07, Model No. MC135LL

    Computer: Windows XP Pro


    I want to unlock both of them. But, apparently, I am out of luck with the 3GS for the time being. Is there any luck with the 2G?

    Would someone please provide a link to a step by step instruction, or even better give me a quick step-by-step guide?

    I would really appreciate it! Thanks!
    2009-09-26 11:41 PM
  2. sursture's Avatar
    The 2G is easy. This ought to be of help for you iClarified - iPhone - How to Select an iPhone Unlock/Jailbreak Tutorial
    You need to download FW 3.0, needed in the redsn0w process.
    Go here and read tutorials redsn0w

    The 3GS has to wait....
    Do hope that helps


    **uoʇʇnq sʞuɐɥʇ ǝɥʇ ʇıɥ puɐ puıʞ ǝq noʎ pǝdןǝɥ sɐɥ ǝuoǝɯos ɟı**

    2009-09-27 12:59 AM