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    Hello Modmyi user,
    Hope you can help me. recently i downgraded bootloader 5.8 baseband from 5.11.7 with fuzzyband then unlocked it with ultra snow.
    problem are follows:
    1. Iphone os 3.1.2 am using. wifi keep dropping off even 10 meter it does not appear on the phone, if i take the phone near router it work wifi with strong signal wifi ( i have two iphone both 3.1.2 upgraded 8 GB and 16 GB .16 GB wifi perfect can;t downgrade bb 5.11.7 bl 5.9

    2. iphone 8g after downgrade call become problem. i can hear the caller voice they can;t hear me.

    both wifi and call incoming voice is the problem please help. I went apple support tried all method still not working also jail broken many times.

    Thank you in advance
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    2009-10-30 01:22 PM
  2. haissk's Avatar
    try Resetting your Network settings
    2009-10-30 01:25 PM