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    iphone restored to 3.12, used blackra1nRC3 to jb and cannot get into the phone...It will receive incoming calls and recognizes my tmob sim and surprisingly will let me get my voicemail when the prompt appears but I cannot get the 'Edit home screen' to dismiss. I have tried redsn0w 0.9beta3 cyd1 and sn0wbreeze 3.1.2 V1.2 to rebuild the ipsw but itunes will not finish the install when I try them. apple's fw installs nicely though. Any help?
    Update: The 3 screens I have (I was able to screenshot with the power+home buttons.): UPDATE
    Problem solved by downgrade to 2.0.25C1 with winpwn 2.5 and I'm stepping firmware updates one by one but the winpwn restored and unlocked + jailbroke...*sigh* it seemed like forever.
    By the way, when I tried to make an outgoing call from the 'emergency call' screen, I found that I could call any number I input...? so there!
    Attached Thumbnails 1st gen 3.12 Unlock/Activate?!? What!?!?!-img_0001.png   1st gen 3.12 Unlock/Activate?!? What!?!?!-img_0002.png   1st gen 3.12 Unlock/Activate?!? What!?!?!-img_0003.png  
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