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    I have an original iphone with 3.0. it is jailbroken/unlocked on Tmobile's network. i want to upgrade to 3.1.3. what is the process and if it doesnt work can i restore back to 3.0? i used redsnow to jailbreak/unlock before. Any ideas?
    2010-03-15 06:34 PM
  2. BoisePunk22's Avatar
    You can do it if you have a Mac with these instruction on this link, iClarified - iPhone - How to Unlock/Jailbreak Your iPhone 2G on OS 3.1.3 Using PwnageTool (Mac), or you can download a custom firmware that someone has already made and update it that way. If you update the iPhone it will not let you go back down to an earlier firmware.
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    2010-03-16 12:14 AM
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    Really? do i have to update to 3.1.2 first then 3.1.3?
    the reason i ask is because i still have 3.0 on my iphone, i never upgraded to 3.1.2. do i just upgrade straight to 3.1.3?
    2010-03-16 08:11 AM
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    If I were you, I would find the 3.1.2 firmware instead of the 3.1.3. Just use Blackra1n and install bootneuter from cydia. Thats what I have and it works great. 3.1.3 jailbreak/unlock is complicated, imo.
    2010-03-20 12:15 AM
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    how did u unlock to 3.0 with red snow???? plz tell me!!
    2010-03-29 10:46 PM
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    If you mean 3.0 to 3.1.3 then what I did was I had to upgrade to the 3.1.3 from iTunes then using redsn0w 0.9.4 and using the 3.1.2 firmware in redsn0w to unlock my iPhone once that happened. If you go to YouTube and type in unlocking/jailbreaking 3.1.3, look for emacc299. I believe his video is the one I followed. He posted how to do it step by step with the firmware download and with redsn0w. I read others didn't have any luck because they used blackra1n? I don't know. I used redsn0w from the beginning. Hope it helps. Let me know if I can help ")

    I had the username wrong. Emac2299

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