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    My 3GS is one of the latter ones that requires a tethered jailbreak. After resetting my network settings, naturally, the 3GS rebooted and I attempted using Blackra1n to get back in, only this time the 3GS reboots...putting me back to the Recovery Mode iTunes+USB cord screen. I tried redSn0w next and the whole process completes...only to reboot and give me the Recovery Mode screen again.

    I then went for the PwnageTool and when trying to get into DFU mode, I can't get the phone and PwnageTool to do their thing in together. When turning off the phone from Recovery Mode, it instantly turns itself back on (Apple logo to Recovery screen) I simply cannot turn the phone off, it's either that or DFU.

    I can get into DFU on my own by holding down the power button, then without letting go, I go straight into the DFU motions. While I was in that mode I determined the iBoot version is 359.3.2. It appears my ECID is not registered with Cydia either.

    f0recast on the Mac and PC never pick up the phone as being plugged in while the 3GS is in Recovery Mode or DFU. I don't know how to determine other important info, even if by some nightmare the firmware became 3.1.3 or something.

    Is it that I'm in a Recovery Loop? What other solutions might I wanna try? If anything isn't clear, I'll try to elaborate. Many thanks.
    2010-03-26 04:40 AM