1. louee6's Avatar
    Hey Guys I need help bad, I recently installed categories onto my 3gs, now I didn't like but when I uninstalled the app, alot of my icons was missing like, camera, photos, etc. Now I tried a restore from back up, and sucessfully did that but now those blank icons popped like field test, system and another and phone hasn't been the same!! I want to restore phone completely but know if I do restore, it will update that phone to 3.1.3. which I believe will upgrade the baseband which means outta luck for an unlocked phone!! I NEED OPTIONS!! Please help Guys!!
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    2010-04-02 01:39 AM
  2. mavrik101's Avatar
    Create or download (google it) custom 3.1.2 firmware. This will not upgrade your baseband and your iphone will still be unlockable. You can restore thru itunes because the custom firmware will not go thru the verification process. Look at the tutorials on this site. Just DO NOT use the factory firmware, as this will upgrade your baseband and render your iphone unlockable,i.e. youll have an expensive ipod touch!
    2010-04-02 09:24 AM
  3. ceelo2008's Avatar
    Yea when you uninstall categories you first must delete the categories you created so the icons are back to the home screen
    2010-04-02 03:24 PM
  4. o3okevin's Avatar
    I think the missing icons were just hidden. Check your SBSettings.
    2010-04-02 05:12 PM