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    Ok guys here is the issue, I have an apple iphone 3G[S] First gen(when it was first released), I had accedently installed(a software that was required for the official software i was installing) app, and after that my phone started to hand at startup, sometimes it would sometimes it wouldnt.

    So i decided to redo the whole thing, not knowing about the new patch and itunes.
    what happened is that i never went to 3.1.3 also my shsh is with cydia so i am able to restore 3.1.2 with cydia's server, but ulatrasn0w does not work.
    before i tell you why i think its not working ill tell ya my situation, i cant get on wifi because im in india and im on adsl and really don't want to buy a wireless router since ill be heading home to the US soon, and ad hoc on my laptop worked for the first few days and is not working now for some reason(and yes im using ICS) so i cannot get any internet on my iphone unless its ad hoc or unless i can get my phone to connect to my service. so im using cyder 2 which is working fine for me, its installing all the programs and its dependencies but some how ultrasn0w is not working, so i think i have found the problem maybe not.

    here it is, there are a few updates that come to cydia as you open your jailbroken phone for the first time that are supposedly essential, so i was thinking i need those in order to make everything work because when i install winterboard everything just opens and then shuts down , so im thinking i need those updates to make ultrasn0w work.

    If you knwo those updates or have any idea whats going on please help me outi will greatly appreciate it.

    Thank you
    2010-04-20 07:29 PM
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    What firmware are you on.. what baseband do you have? After a restore you should always set the phone up as NEW.. not from a back-up profile. Cydia updates have nothing to do with the baseband as that's a different system.
    2010-04-20 07:41 PM
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    Firmware is 05.11.07 and 3.1.2(7D11), and i got the 3G[s] the day it came out, and unlocked it when 3.1.2 redsn0w and ultrasn0w everything was sure that it would be no issue or conflicts. after that i havent done anything with it. also shsh is registered with saurik

    Oh and btw yea im doing it as a new iphone not from backup, as a matter of fact i havent even sync'd it yet with my contacts and stuff

    ok so after 2 days i had totally forgot about Blacksn0w, so i added the blackra1n repo to cyder 2 and uploaded blackn0w and BOOM it works. =)
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    2010-04-21 09:14 AM