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    Dear unlock experts,

    I am confused by the information I'm finding on jailbreaking and unlocking, its super inconsistent. I'm guessing its because there are so many ways to go about this.

    my goal: to get an iphone 1g that used to be on someone elses account unlocked to work with my ATT SIM, WITHOUT a data plan. also fully disabling edge, restricting internet to wi-fi only

    I'm seeing jb w/ blackra1n, unlock with blacksnow.

    however, what is this about the IMEI showing iphone, and I will get in trouble or they will add it to the plan? Can I change my IMEI using a jailbroken app? The only IMEI stuff I'm seeing is for ziphone.

    once its unlocked, am i done? I'm not sure how this is different for 1g's... can I just put in my sim?
    Is there any way to upgrade to 3.0?

    I'm getting the phone from a friend tonight so I'm not even sure what version of the OS it has on it..

    thank you!
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    2010-05-23 03:42 AM
  2. neodude237's Avatar
    Well, if you're trying to use it on AT&T, there is no point in unlocking, it already works. If you want to jailbreak it, then just run blackra1n. As far as disabling data goes, get sbsettings and use the turn off edge if you want.
    2010-05-23 03:51 AM
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    Hi, u should jialbreak/unlock ur phone google iclarifird for 2g then turn off edge via sbsettings which u install via cydia after the jb/uL done.
    2010-05-23 06:06 AM